Not every providers are fortunate enough to get opportunity from different types of cloud based software implantation and effectiveness like cuidado. For that matter, we have developed some FAQs for all of our customers and their staff to be able to take full advantages that cuidado has got to offer.

Everybody used to ask different questions what will be there in an implementation, what kind of calls you receive in a support projects, how the support calls are being handled etc. the following are the questions posted to us over time which provoke our FAQs. The credit should go to all our customers and their staff

What is cuidado?

The name cuidado stems from the Spanish word meaning ‘care’. Our focus for person centeredness in design and implementations brought about the addition of the word ‘my’. Between the word ‘care’ and ‘my’ we feel more connected to service users and customers saying ‘mycuidado’.

What are the products Managed by cuidado?

There are three major products trademarked under Cuidado.

Cuidado Health

Cuidado Health is our cloud based software application for providers of Healthcare related services such as Nursing, Managing Challenging behaviour, Domiciliary Care e.t.c. It is designed to help providers, regulations, service users and families manage care packages successfully while ensuring quality.

Cuidado Mobility

Cuidado Mobility is our taxi and cab services. Our mobile application conceptualization and design helps to reduce non employment for Drivers and empower several stakeholder through vehicle acquisition scheme, certification and connection with customers and drivers




Cuidado Learning

Cuidado learning is our online learning centre that assist employers to design online based training materials and conduct test for employee.

Where is Cuidado Registered?

 Cuidado Is trademarked in every country where it operates with her HQ based in Canada Capital of Ottawa.

How do I know the Product that I need?

Our Consultants and professionals will always be willing to assist your choice by taking you through what each of our products does and how we have managed to excel above our competitors

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, all our customer signs an agreement with us indicating both parties’ responsibilities.

What is end to end implementation?

In a nutshell, mapping and transforming your business process into Cuidado and reaping the future benefits. There are number of stages required in an end to end implementation. In the past implementation used to take longer times, however, with number of methodologies, the times are being drastically reduced. Broadly, this end to end implementation consists of the following phases:

  • Project Preparation and understanding
  • Module set up
  • Trainings
  • Users set up
  • Go Live and Support

How do I correct errors after going live?

Like none of the two people are same in this world, similarly, no two projects are same. Therefore, you cannot correlate the same things with other projects. We believe that every clients is different so we offer online support services for all our clients including seeing to start up challenges.



How does cuidado works?

Cuidado Health is a CMS (Content Management System) software by the same name of the company. A CMS is simply a logical representation of the business which is centrally connected, helps in doing the necessary transactions and real time reporting.

Like to other, Cuidado combine Service User management, with staff profile management. It helps providers in rotaring and planning daily operations. It also help providers to maintain an online real time matrix and audit for clients and staff.

To conclude, with the help of our CMS, the organizational teams are able to work independently, with the necessary access controls and approvals and finally the management is able to consolidate and integrate organizational performance reporting.

What is the rate of customer retention?

As at today, Cuidado hasn’t lost any customer. Some of our customers have been with us for over 3 years now. This is related to our proven record of simplifying work and ensure quality that no other software like ours can offer.

Does Cuidado have a global presence?

Cuidado is a global product and its trademarked in Canada, United Kingdom and India.

How Quick Can I get Support?

There is a 24/7 online support service for all our clients. Our telephone support are paid for while text support and emails are free. You can reach us on WhatsApp, online chat from our website and also call us on our numbers for each country and region that your business operates. We have the following team that can help you quickly:

Program Manager – Having authority to go or no go etc. kind of decisions, could be budget holder for consultant budgets, any high level escalations may goes to him / her

Project Manager – Responsible for day to day and overall management of the project, very key person in administrative decisions / arranging the resources / tracking the project.

Functional Leads – Mostly responsible for drafting business blueprints / leading workshops / arranging sign offs / training the key users / monitoring and mentoring various consultants / coordinating with technical team like MO Solutions

Technical Leads – Monitoring overall development / Mentoring junior technical consultants / coordinating with Functional Team Leads

Support Agents – System Build / All system related activities / Resolving any system issues / Ensure that the availability of system access


I have set up but can’t operate the system?

We will ensure that during our training, you are familiar with our system and what result they produce because we understand that when you understand how the output should look like, you will be fine with all data impute processes. The more number of times that you are going to practice, the more confidence you will be getting. You also must concentrate not only on the configuration but also on practicing the business process steps. This would help you to understand what is being expected from the users. Our team will always be available to support you.

There could be number of documents that are being prepared during the implementation or a life of the project that could help you when you need support. Some of the important documents are as follows:

  • Project Charter – High Level document describes statement of scope, outline project objectives, identify main stake holders and define authority of project manager.
  • Business Blueprint – A kind of legal document that binds both business as well as consulting company to deliver the commitments, usually includes GAP analysis.
  • Client order form: These are PDF document commissioning Cuidado to supply services and the cost of each service provided
  • User Training Presentations – These are power point presentations that are prepared for the purpose of training users.
  • Risk Register – Risk register is important document, this include anticipated risk, probability, impact, counter-measures and risk owner etc.
  • Go-live metrics – This document summarizes the end user experience, end user satisfaction levels etc.
  • Post Go-live Issues Log (accountability required) – This is a log of every day issues, accountable person and its status, until the project is handed over to Support Team.

The above mentioned list is not exhaustive, but the minimum required for a project.

How is quality control monitored?

Our best practice team sends out periodic forms for feedback in identifying areas of development and improvement in the use of Cuidado.

What is testing process and what is the correct time to switch on to production server?

There could be different types of testing activities as expected. In general, you will find the following types of testing:

Unit Testing – This is done by the Consultants mostly in DEV (Testing) Client to check whether the transaction Codes are working properly or not

Integration Testing – This test is conducted with most realistic data with number sequence of number of modules

Interface Testing – Testing of various interfaces at different points of your projects. You should be clear when you need to test what interface.

User Acceptance Testing – One or more users would test and sign off whether the transaction codes are working proper or not. This would also include a scenario type testing.

Cuidado Stress / Load / Performance Testing – This mainly to test whether the system response time is acceptable / performance is as expected.

Cuidado Security / Authorizations Testing – This is to ensure that the end users are only able to execute the transactions that are intended as per SOD.

Regression Testing – This is to test whether changes to configurations has made changes to functionality


I can’t log in

You can always reset your password to your registered email with Cuidado. This is a self-service. You can do so by login to and click forget my passport to reset.

My System is showing error when saving

Check data imputed into the page you are working on and be sure that appropriate expected character such as @, , +, numbers and alphabet are used as expected. Should the error continue, take a screen shot or URL and send to

My App is showing wrong location and I can’t log in my times outside Service Users house

Cuidado Is designed to only enable login from landmarked locations, so you will need to be in the house of the service user to be able to log in and log out.

We understand that challenges may occur from network provider of your phone but they do not last a long time. So you might just need to restart your phone and be patient.

How do I register new staff?

Using Cuidado, you can only sign up new staff from and click on register



How do I landmark locations?

Only, admin users can set up location and new clients. To set up location, you will need to be on client profile using longitude and latitude boxes provided

What are support menus?

Support menu make it easy for you to find support-related information about Cuidado services. Each menu consist of sub-menu associated to performing task related to main menu such as Staff, Homecare, Nursing Home, Rota e.t.c

How can I change staff Password?

You can change your staff password by using the company menu to access staff profile where you will find change password.

What is the difference between Cuidado and other cloud based heathcare products?

The conceptualization and continuous improvement of Cuidado is the difference. Cuidado is the only software that allow access for families, regulators and other interested parties. Our ECM is location based so staff cannot log call times from remote locations. Our platform combines all aspects of care together including audit and matrix.

How can I provide feedback?

Please use the Portal Feedback function, from the Contact Us menu here in the portal, or the Share Your Feedback link in the Launchpad.

What does the roadmap of the Cuidado Mobile Platform look like?

Cuidado Mobile Platform is constantly being extended and exciting new functionalities are added with each release. This shows Cuidado commitment to its mobile strategy. The app is available on both Android and IOS for download and you do not need to pay for using it.

What skills are needed to use the app?

Basic internet skill and patience

What additional resources and services are available to Cuidado Cloud Platform users and what do they cost?

Developing on Cuidado Cloud Platform, you can always extend your environment by enjoying additional Cloud resources or capabilities that are not included in your client order form. We provide free induction cloud based system for all of our clients where their new staff can have their induction without visiting their office. This is another way, we make a difference and help our loyal clients to reduce cost. We are also working on other partners for discounted online training, coming soon

Where can I find more information about Cuidado?

For more information about Cuidado, you can visit our website on


Security Standards in Cuidado Data Centres

Cuidado Data centres around the world meet the highest security standards.

Whether the foe is fire, data breach, or hardware defect, data centres must be protected against many hazards. A series of quality seals and certificates show exactly how Cuidado maintain the security of information and data. Our servers are backup in three different countries, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Cuidado Partners’ cloud security controls and multi-layered defence are among the best in the industry – and we view them as key differentiators for our cloud business. Our seasoned team of experts works continuously to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information.

How can I request a Cuidado cloud based system demo or partnership?

You can send us an email of contact out customer care team on